6 Minutes to a Stronger Immune System: Acupoints You can Do at Home for a Weak Immune System

Emily Richmond, ABT

Take 6 minutes out of your day to strengthen your over-burdened immune system.  Rub the following acupressure points clockwise for 1 minute each; repeat daily.

  • LI 11 – on the lateral (outside) edge of the elbow crease.
  • BL 40 – on the center of the back of the knee crease.
  • SP 10 – three finger breadths up from the inside of the knee.

You can help yourself at home by rubbing these points in a large clockwise circle. (Imagine you are facing your body to determine clockwise)  Use the pads of all 4 of your fingers and massage the points clockwise briskly. Pressure can be light or firm; you can also use an acustem vibrating device. These points are treated on each side of the body.

  1. Start on the right elbow at Large Intestine 11 on the lateral (outer) edge of the elbow crease.
  2. Then move to the same point on the left elbow.
  3. Next move to the left thigh, 3 finger breadths above the knee on the medial (inside) of the leg at Spleen 10. To locate SP10 sit down place pointer finger tip at top of knee and grip tender point on inside of knee with your thumb.
  4. Move to the back of the knee crease on the same leg. Massage the center of the of the knee crease (the popliteal fossa) at Bladder 40.
  5. Move to the right side of the body and massage the back of the right knee crease.
  6. Next massage Spleen 10 above the knee on the right thigh.
  7. Complete this circle you have just made around the body by ending at Large Intestine 11 on the right; the same point where you started.

These points have been selected to help give temporary relief to people with low immunity, auto-immune system disorders and low energy.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the Spleen is responsible for absorption and utilization of food and fluids. So you use the Spleen points to help with proper nutrients assimilation. We eliminate through the Large Intestine and Bladder so we use those points to help get rid of toxic build up. These points should be rubbed at least once daily but multiple times a day is fine; you can’t overdo tonification and support to these Meridians. By making  a circular pattern around the body, the body will have more power to push the toxins out.  By doing this habit daily your body will begin learning to throw out the toxins on its own, which will increase energy levels by improving nutrient assimilation and detoxification.

Advanced NAET practitioners have been trained to do neuromuscular sensitivity testing on these points to determine how weak a person’s overall immune system is. Advanced practitioners are also trained to use NAET techniques to strengthen many auto-immune system disorders.